Some of my poems

A calling

The could night broke like day
Around me and to the palms of
My feet the wet ground
Called me to run so I ran.
Blurry and distient a call shatters
My mind people crying out to
Just die. So I flee to them
Hoping to help, but instead
Taken aback by the seen that
Lay before me.
This man dressed dark as
Night, a name comes to me but
Is gone now.
He feeds, but how would I know?!
He drops his prey
The body falls limp to the
Ground. Now for me I know,
But how I’m not sure.
His body moves to mine and
I feel taken with it. I am
Sure now!! He welcomes
Me to his world I know I
Am his. Light is taken from
This place which I rest and the
Emptiness folds in on me
No breathing here, not too
Much pain, but a sadness
Aches in my chest
I’m missing something, no
Some one! I am missing you.

Christina Burton

Killing you

I hear you screaming this
Silence broken before me.
Dead you are to me forever
By my hands I hope.
I think I remember killing you
I remember your plea
But I didn’t really listen.
Your blood tasted sweet
To my lips and your heart
Lays in between my hands
You are dead to me forever
The bloodlust is to strong
Your words hurt to much
What ever the reason I
Have dismissed it, as I you.

Christina Burton

At this hour

Now and at this hour I long for what I still don’t have…
A calm understanding, has yet to come…
An undying love which I don’t know if I have yet…
A beautiful mind that others will soon see….
My self in all that I will be….
Respect that even now no one gives….
Time to reminisce in the meaning of “us”…..
Love in every aspect……..
Patience with myself and anger…..
A strong self will…….
Real friends…..
Time to understand people in all that they are…
To be more open minded……
A life that dose not yet live…..
Time for my self and even you……
Less pain with death…….
Less arguments with people who will never understand.....
And more time for other problems!

Christina Burton
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One of my better ones


I sit here and scream
While the blood pours
down my arms. My pain
Comes from inside, my
Screams are my soul
longing to die. You take
your time with things
and sometimes your so
caught up in you that
you forget me or so it
seems. This “love” we
never had disappears into
tears. And the hate we
never had comes to agree
with problems that
shouldn’t be, but they
are, and now unstoppable.
so all this pain is merged
with hate, tears, and confusion
sets in with death and
everything is pushed in
me. . . so I hide my self
and start over.

Christina Burton
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Here's a Poem

Essence of me

Broken heart of my memory, why do you plague me so? My tattered soul is young but dieing. Why must my everything contain you in every way? The shattered mirror of my life falls before me, and the harsh reality of things circle me. Life is not what it once was, the beauty is gone from things and only the ugliness remains. I crowd myself, and hurt myself to try to find the essence of something beautiful. Then when what strength I have is almost ready to leave as well I see you there, this creature of darkness and night, images of love and fullness echo on me, and I am now what I wanted to be.

Christina Burton
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